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How We Can Help

Group and Individual Walks

Come rain or shine we provide hour long group walks (4-6 dogs) where your dog is able to run and play off lead (only with owner permission). Our walks are countryside based with all the physical and mental stimulation that can provide. We group dogs according to their temperament and preferences, so whether your dog likes to play and run or sniff and meander we will walk them with compatible dogs.

We feel that it is important for their wellbeing to have consistency and continuity on our walks – same walker, same friends, so once we feel your dog is in the right group we will as much as possible book them into that group so they spend time with dogs they know and have fun with. If your dog is unable to be let off the lead but enjoys the company of other dogs we will happily walk them on an extendable lead so they are able to enjoy their exercise with some friends.

For dogs who prefer their own company we offer 30 or 45 minute private walks. Joining a group walk is at our discretion and all dogs are assessed prior to joining our walks. If we feel that group walks are not suitable for your dog we will talk to you about other options we can offer.

Pet Feeding

If you are going away on holiday or want a weekend or day away from it all but have no-one to care for your pet we can help. We provide daily visits (as many as you need) to feed, play and care for your pets when you can't be there. As well as being beneficial for them to remain in the comfort of their own home it can also provide you with the peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your home, including bringing in your post and alerting you or a nominated contact if anything is amiss.

Pet Sitting

Whether it's an evening out or spending time enjoying a bit of retail therapy we are here to keep your pet company.

Prior to any sitting booking we will discuss with you the do's and don'ts of the house, which is the favourite toy to play with and which biscuit is the special bedtime one if we will be tucking up your dog ready for your return!

Dog Boarding

Whether you're going on holiday or simply going out for the day why not let your best friend have a fun and relaxing stay with us. All visits are structured according to your requirements, whether this is coming out on a group walk or having a more sedate lead walk breathing in the sea air we will ensure their stay is an enjoyable one.

Puppy Crèche

Do you have a puppy that you have to leave longer than you would like? Or thinking about getting a puppy but worried how you can juggle work and other commitments during those important first months and beyond? Our puppy crèche is a secure and safe environment where your puppy will have a chance to have both indoor and outdoor play and rest with other pups. They will have the chance to socialise with other puppies and will eventually graduate to group walks (should you need these) having already established good social skills and a strong bond with their playmates.

If you require further info about any of our services or would like to make a booking please email or call us. Details at the top of each page or please fill out our contact form by clicking here.